In contrast to O-Shot, the G-Shot procedure is a G-Spot enhancement procedure. It’s entirely focused on improving the response of the G-Spot to stimulations.

The G-Spot (Grafenberg spot) is an area of fine interconnectivity of capillary blood vessels and lattice-like nerve endings. Its location is at the upper vagina, halfway between the cervix and the pubic bone. This spot is often difficult to reach during sexual activities, thus leading to limited sexual stimulation in women. This limited stimulation is the inspiration behind the G-Shot; a procedure that delivers a temporary filler straight into the G-Spot. This filler helps increase the sensitivity of the G-Spot.

As mentioned earlier, the G-Shot makes the process of identifying and stimulating the G-Spot easier. The procedure, though beneficial, is not everlasting. It needs reinforcement at intervals of six to twelve months.

The procedure is usually done on an Out Patient Basis and requires topical anesthesia before carrying out the process. Discomfort after the procedure is minimal, and complications are rare. The patient is expected to resume her daily activities immediately, though resumption of sexual activities is likely to be after 24 hours of undergoing the procedure.

The two procedures are excellent and recommended to increase the pleasure a woman feels during sexual activities. However, patients are advised to choose according to the challenges they face during sexual intercourse. For maximum results, patients are encouraged to combine the two procedures.

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