How Long Does the O-Shot Last?

No doubt, it has become general knowledge that the O-Shot is an effective treatment against female sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence. Women who have undergone this therapy have reported various benefits.

This procedure takes a short period to be carried out; however, its fantastic results last for an extended period. Additionally, the pain associated with the O-Shot procedure is little and allows the patient to move about her daily activities.

It doesn’t stop there.

The results of the O-Shot procedure surprisingly last more than one would expect.

After getting injected with PRP, the stem cells and tissues grow and regenerate producing the expected results; tissue rejuvenation and increased vaginal and clitoris blood flow.

The results vary from patient to patient and can be immediate, within a few days or in a few weeks. One thing is for sure, the results must come, and when they arrive, they last for a period of one to two years.

The O-Shot procedure indeed is a miraculous long-lasting solution to the sexual and incontinence problems faced by women.

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