What Does the O-Shot Treat?

As women age, they have diminished sexual desire, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, reduced sexual responsiveness among other unwanted symptoms. These symptoms make getting aged seem like a curse. This is because these two conditions reduce women’s sexual health and self-confidence.

That brings us to the O-Shot treatment.

The O-Shot procedure is a miraculous procedure which helps solve these two conditions. The procedure helps revitalize female sexual health and cure urinary incontinence.

The procedure uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) got from a patient’s blood to naturally treat many sex-related issues that hinder sexual performance and satisfaction in women. The PRP is injected into the vagina where it helps in facilitating stem cells, collagen and blood vessels production. This facilitating effect helps in rejuvenating the vaginal region, making the patient more responsive to sexual stimulus.

Other benefits of the O-Shot treatment include relief from painful intercourse and an increased clitoral sensitivity and arousal. It also leads to an improved skin texture of the vaginal lips and a tighter vaginal opening. These increase pleasurable sex, arousal from G-Spot Stimulation and more intense and frequent orgasms.

Asides its benefits in the treatment of female sexual dysfunction, the O-Shot is used to treat urinary incontinence in women. The O-Shot activates the stem cells in the localized region aiding them to regenerate. This regeneration improves their strength and ability to prevent urine flow.

Conclusively, the O-Shot for treating female sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence is a revolutionary innovation as it has brought possibilities where there was none. Aged females can now enjoy sex, and people suffering from incontinence can now stop living in the depression caused by their condition.

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